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Vegas to Reno Tracking!

Discussion in 'Desert Racing' started by boltonracing, Aug 17, 2010.

  1. boltonracing

    boltonracing Active Member

    Sep 29, 2006
    Immediate Release: 8/17/10

    Fleet Solutions is the proud sponsor of two of the top motorcycle racing teams racing in one of America’s most challenging off road events. The prestigious Best in the Desert series “Vegas to Reno” race is the longest off-road race in the United States. Team CMS including Bolton, Chavis and Audenried along with Team N3 of Thissen and Manzini will be tracking their teams progress through the grueling and treacherous deserts and mountains of Nevada with the Fleet Solutions / Networkfleet 4200 series GPS tracking device. This race is nearly 600 miles and should prove the reliability and superior hardware quality in the most challenging of conditions.

    If you would like to see our progress during the race log onto


    Username: racetracking
    Password: race

    To see the vehicles on the course, click on the fleet map from the top menu bar. Place the curser above the green or red dots on the map and right click to get individual bike info and hit the track this vehicle bar and the “cookie crumb” trail of your router and speeds is displayed. When you are on the main Fleet Map, it should automatically update the racers positions.

    Team CMS is supported by: Carson Motorsports, Reno Motorsports, Fleet Solutions, Sierra Car Care, Number tech, Parts Unlimited, Under the Ficus, Kona Coffee and Tea Co.

    Team N3 is supported by: Speed Technologies, Speed Designs Concours Auto Body, Fleet Solutions, Sierra Car Care, Moose Racing, Reno Motorsports, Carson Motorsports
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