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Vegas to Reno Video

Replacement String: Watch our Vegas 2 Reno race video-start to Goldfield. please click 1080 to see full quality. Enjoy!
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yep very nice vid! keep up the good work!

E&S Racing

Cool video


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Very nice...


NTR Films media guy
were's the like button, good one !!


Extraordinary work. The camera work was just incredible. What was this shot on, the quality was also just amazing and the slow motion looks great. Scarlet? POS REP SENT!


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Very nice work. If you don't mind sharing, was the "camera motion" an editing effect or for real? I am guessing editing.

Did you stop at Goldfield or keep chasing? I would like to see what you can do with night shots.
Some camera motion was a jib or slider during the shot . Other shots were edited in after effects. We did stop at goldfield. All the fast guys were too far gone by then. Thanks!