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Vehicle/Equipment Storage at Horsepower Ranch

Horsepower Ranch

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As an added amenity at Horsepower Ranch, we’re considering building a rental storage facility for people’s off-road/race vehicles and equipment. For those traveling to Baja often, we're hearing storage in a safe place is preferred over constant towing. Would like to hear your opinion if 36 units would fill up to see if it makes sense to build. Available to general public, race teams, etc.

So, we’re thinking unit sizes of 15ft wide by 25ft long and a devising wall that can be removed providing a 50ft long unit. A monthly rental of $250 for a 25ft unit.


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Needs to be 25 x 50 w condo on top. Patio w palapa roof. Maybe a hot tub.


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Russ hit it.....yes 25x50 with condo on top with hot tub. Defiantly into that one!


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I think we can all agree, the bigger unit with the condo, $250/month. I'll sign a lease TODAY. ;)