Vehicle Feature: Herbst Truggy – El Tiburón (The Land Shark)


May 19, 2005
Carlsbad, CA

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We (Mad Media) were lucky enough to take the Herbst Truggy into the studio just days before the NORRA Mexican 1000. Enjoy!

There are some vehicles that change everything. The Herbst Truggy is one of those vehicles. It not only challenged Class 1 rules but its form over function aesthetics set a tone that celebrated and revered its ugliness, rebelling against the idea of pretty, perhaps non-functional design.


The Herbst Truggy embraced and evolved the idea of having truly “Unlimited” class restrictions, an idea that has challenged some of the best manufacturers and engineers in the world and sent them home scratching their heads. Off-road is the only form of motorsport left in the world that is truly “Unlimited”, a fact that is to be celebrated.


Affectionately known as “El Tiburón” or the “Land Shark”, its classic war plane style nose glossed with of a full set of shark teeth ready to chomp on anything that gets in its way has become one of the most distinguished vehicles in off-road racing.


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Owner: Terrible Herbst Motorsports
Builder: Mike Smith Fabrication
Date completed: 1995
Top Speed: 150 mph
Chassis: Mike Smith Fabrication
Frame: 4130 Chromoly Tube
Weight: 5,900 lbs
Wheel Base: 125″
Track Width: 96”Front, 91” Rear
Engine: Patton Racing Engines, 454in small block, Ford V8
Cooling: Ron Davis Radiators
Exhaust: R.E.F. Unlimited, Stainless
Plumbing: Brown & Miller Racing Solution
Transmission: Culhane Racing Transmission Turbo 400
Driveline: Driveline Unlimited
Torque Converter: Coan Converter
Brakes: 13” Brembo 4-piston calipers
Fuel Cell: 64 gallon Harmon Fuel Cell, Weldon fuel pumps
Tires: 39 x 13.5 R17 BFGoodrich KR
Wheels: 17” Ultra Xtreme Wheel
Paint/Graphics: Airbrush- Gator Graphics / Vinyl – Patrick’s Signs
Body: McQueen prototype
Front Suspension: A-arm, Mike Smith solid piston Bypass shock, Mike Smith coilover, Mike Smith Racing shocks, 30” travel
Rear Suspension: Solid axel, 4-link, trailing arm designs, Chrisman 11” third member, 34” travel, Mike Smith Solid piston bypass shock, Mike Smith coilover, Mike Smith Racing Shock
Steering: Steering box, Power Steering Solution pump, Smith ram
Paneling: Carbon, Aluminum
Wiring: Tom Oliva, American Wire Harness
Lights: KC HiLites
Navigation: Lawrence GPS, Leadnav Systems
Communication: Racing Communication
Seats: Cobra Technology
Safety: Simpson harnesses, Mastercraft Safety window nets

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