VERY IMPORTANT! Off road park in San Diego County. Who wants one?

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May 20, 2009
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San Diego, CA
Some of you that are reading this have already heard about this and probably already made contact with me about this topic. Please still reply to this because it will help me to gather information to make this vision become a reality.

I am writing this e-mail because I am trying to get an off road park opened in San Diego County. I am currently working on the proposal. Your replies are going to be used as a tool to gauge interest and also to help design the park to cater to those of you that will be using it the most.

Please forward this to all of your off-roading friends and post it on any off-roading forums you may be registered with as a new thread. But, before doing that please reply to this e-mail with what you would like to see there.

Also, if you would really like to see this become a reality please state in your reply how you could help make this happen. There are alot of people in our off road community that have traits that I will be seeking to help with building process of this park (ie. plumbers, electricians, and heavy equipment operators).

With all of the land closure issues we have been dealing with this may be the next step to make sure we all have a place to go play.

The park will be located in North County San Diego on tribal owned property near Valley Center. It has an amazing 360 degree view that includes being able to see the ocean from its highest peak and a lake from its lowest. Its high enough for an ocean breeze during the summer and low enough not to freeze in the winter.

Park features:

RV hook-ups w/ picnic tables and fire pits

RV grey water dump site

Campsites will have water, picnic tables, and fire pits (maybe power outlets in the future)

Onsite pressure washer and vacuums

Public lake fishing within 1 mile

Restaurant within 2 miles

Hotels and Casinos within 5 miles

Parts stores within 10 miles (ie. Off Road Warehouse and Napa Auto Parts)

Junk yards within 15 miles

Tow truck company available locally

This will be a 4wd park only (possibly allowing side by side/ UTVs)

Easy medical access

Ability to go off-roading for a full day and still make it home in time for dinner

The costs will be approximately: (These prices are NOT final)

Day trip: $20 per day with a non towed vehicle with 2 occupants
$5 per each additional passenger

Overnight stay: $10 per campsite per night not including vehicle entry fee

Campsites will accomodate 2 vehicles or 1 vehicle/1 trailer, 2 tents, and 4 people

RV will be $15 per site per day with power and water included and 1 tank dump

RV sites will accomodate 1 RV and 1 vehicle (or trailer) and 6 people

We will also offer extended memberships and group/club rates at discount prices

During events rates may change due to event contracts

Having an off road park in San Diego County will also bring other attractions. For example, rock crawling events hosted by WEROCK or rock racing events from XRRA. Events like that happening here will help our industry expand which will benefit us even more.

Your help and participation will be greatly appreciated.

For any questions, feel free to PM me and they will be directed to the person in charge.
The location of this place will be announced soon.