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{VIDEO} -- Australia - Twin Turbo Jimco


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Shot from the rear of the car running through a tight tree section into an open straight, was going through some video the other night and thought this looked cool, enjoy.

Here is a video of my old man collecting a gate post at 130mph in the same race (language warning)



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what is the motor package? ive always been intrigued with the cars down under..

Thanks for posting!


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The motor in the car in the top video is a twin turbo nissan VQ35 (3.5L) with all the fruit it makes over 900hp, the car in the bottom video is a 6L nissan VK56 (out of the Titan) that makes around 700hp. Over here we have capacity limits so for an 'open' car its a maximum of 6L na or 3.5L forced induction.