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Vildosola caught cheating???


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Ouch, this one is gonna sting. This is a screenshot of a video where it appears Vildosola is being creative in making a repair or an adjustment to his truck while moving on the highway. Looks to be a 21 decal on the rear window of the truck helping in the repair/adjustment.

I don't know the rules but pretty sure this is against them?

Video was not sent to me but word is its in the hands of SCORE.


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WOW....Risk killing one of your guys to save a few minutes in the pits?
Thought there were rules against this kind of stuff after the brilliant Arciero/Miller fuel truck.

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in any case that is one BRAVE, or REALLY STUPID crew member........................wow would have liked to see the entire video...


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the worst part is that there is really no way they could make a significant repair/adjustment like that. Certainly not one worth the penalty that comes with this kind of safety violation.


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#21 finished at 9am?(or so) on Friday morning. There are no highway sections in the last few hundred miles for this to happen during the day on Friday. So he drove the entire night with only the roof lights. I find that simply amazing!!


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This is probably on the 47 mile highway section after check 2 on Thursday afternoon.

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Popcorn machine on........... Someone On FB posted the potential rule violation is not pitting safely off the hwy or race course. This can get real interesting.


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Regardless, this is all speculation and all I know is that as of right now, Vildosola won. Let's see what SCORE does if anything.
It looks like so far no one has gotten penalties at all this race anyway....