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Vildosola caught cheating???


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Nobody has to cheat or needs to cheat. It's irrelevant if your cheating gives you an advantage or not, you cheated; end of story.
The fact that Vildolsola Racing cheated is caught on video. The fact that they did not need to cheat is irrelevant, they should get the same penalty as any other racer would get, and has got in the past for the same infraction of the rules.


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Does anybody think Sal could DQ Tavo for this infraction and show his face in Mexico again?


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Does anybody think Sal could DQ Tavo for this infraction and show his face in Mexico again?
Applying the correct penalty for cheating wouldnt reflect on Sal or SCORE. If the mexican fans dont like it, maybe they should lynch the #21 team for disgracing them ;)


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Hmm - not good.
And also amazing, 320+ posts and the photog has not been blamed for taking the vid...

randy s

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Just because you carry a water pistol doesn't make you a cop my freind. Score will do what is right or people will not race with them. Simple
sure they will. this isn't a local or regional happening. it's the baja 1000 and the dream a lot of us had and still have to have the chance to take part in. sure, some years draw lower numbers but it's not because of stuff like this..it's because it's bush's fault.....ja ja ja.


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What really sucks is that it's bad publicity for SCORE, the three Baja races affiliated with it, and for desert racing as a whole. As everyone can see, this thread is blowing up and no doubt the mainstream media will soon pick it up and make a big deal out of it. Best thing to do at this time, if the rules were broken, would be for that person or team who broke those rules to own up to it. Also, these little racial jabs a few of you are making at one another makes you look like real morons. Whether your White, Hispanic, Chicano, or whatever, your representing the desert community here on RDC, not your race. ..............Now I'm going to the living room to watch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, and when I come back, I want to see you playing nice with one another..............


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I'd hate to lose the 1000 over this. I'd also hate to win it after getting beat on the course.

endangerd species

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You people are so naive. When Vildosola was declared the unofficial winner....that was it! Regardless of the rules, it became purely about politics.....

Do you think Sal is going to deny a Mexican (Vildosola) in Mexico of the win just simply on this stupid video? All hell would have broken loose and none of you blonde suckers would have made it back in one piece.....

Now, having declared Vildosola the winner, more fans will adhere, the Mexican authorities will cooperate even further and so on.....SCORE wins with Vildosola, if they were anal about the rules ad DQ Vildosola, SCORE would have taken 2 steps back....be pragmatic...

Most of your complaints are rooted in the fact you cant believe Vildosola ran faster and better than your golden boys. They deserve the win, this fault is not worth the trouble.
wow bro really


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Thread recap;

1. They get caught on video communicating with their helo to race truck at the first pit.

2. They get caught on video working on their truck on the highway moving.

3. They get caught on video running thru a spectators campsite, destroying property.

Three strikes and your out!

Accusations of their crew driving like a$$ hats all over Baja, endangering the lives of others.

Did I miss anything?

They come on here and blatantly lie to everyone about pitting on the road.

They seem like Winner's to me.


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Wow I just read all 30 pages of this and just to be fair I went back and watched the video a few more times. And it is perfectly clear to me what is going on. And it is really to bad too because it looks like little was gained for the risk of life and effort. For those of you that want to kid yourselves go right ahead. And I do not care what country you are from do not let that cloud your judgment. And as far as Mr Shrek's story goes I am going to have to officially declare a state of " shenanigans " on that one. Sorry but unless someone tries to hand me coke through my truck window while driving home on the freeway tonight. I will never believe that story. And as far as that chase truck being marked up people have been chasing in unmarked chase trucks on purpose for years. Blend in with the locals and you can go wherever you want. Right ?

The big question here is not if this happened. But what SCORE will do ( if anything ) about it. I personally do not see SCORE changing any results but I think that they probably should. How ever it could have a negative out come for racers in Baja if they do. I would not want to be Sal or Paul Fish right now. Congratulations to all of the 2012 Baja 1000 finisher's. Viva Baja we are all brothers in the family of off road racing and I think that it is stupid to try and make this about citizenship.

PS. Correct me if I am wrong but I think we can also add Jesse Jones to the list of drivers who received race ending penalty's In the last 2 years for a penalty for going the wrong way on the course when he tried to return to his pit for repairs.


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We have been monitoring this situation all morning long...The simple truth behind this video is that we have no reason to pit on the highway, risk our chances of winning our second Baja 1000 & defrauding the fans by doing something like this. This truck was not part of the Vildosola Racing chase crew, pit crew or otherwise. If we had an issue, where we needed to stop, prior to this happening we had our second pit (next to BFG) on the Puertecitos Highway section. Again, why would I risk breaking, a well known rule, which we have been accused of before (2011 Baja 500) pitting on the highway...These fans pulled in-front of us while we were running down the highway, Javi and I thought they were taking pictures, once we realized they were messing with our front bumper, I tried to move left but the other truck had boxed us in. Plus the guy was grabbing our front bumper, If we would have broken or swerved, then he would have fallen and as many of you describe, the situation would have been 1,000,000 times worst. As you can tell, on the video, as they are pulling away, the guy in Spanish is saying "go, go, go"!!! They were definitely trying to do something...Our next pit was at Coco's, we have video evidence that we stopped there to check what these guys had tried to do...
Vildosola Racing does not have a history of cheating, we have never cheated and would never risk a Baja 1000 by pitting on the highway, I would have just stopped at our the Puertecitos pit a couple of miles before...
We will be on Totally Off-Road radio tonight addressing the same questions about our indisputable win at the Baja 1000
Everyone knows who won the 1000......Good job Tavo

randy s

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what a load of crap. Playing the racist card... Really?
it's not racist in my opinion. it's more a sense of a sort of nationalism. there's a difference. most of us share that here as well and it's not about race... necessarily..


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Everyone knows who won the 1000......Good job Tavo
We also know who cheated to get there...

You think it might have been diffrent had they not "adjusted" that light... Probly not but WHAT IF... Rules are rules. You would be pissed if this happend to you. We know who won..Yes. But if you cheat and get caught well be expected to pay.