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Vildosola caught cheating???


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Here is a picture of the 21 after the finish line.


J Prich

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Come on, someone somewhere is leaving out the good gossip! There were internet rumors and inuendos floating around immediately after the finish that suggested unspecified shenannigans. Is this what it was?

The internet also implied that whatever was brought up was dismissed and the results were "official". So is this a new issue or just better proof of previous allegations? Has Sal ever changed "official" results?

It's a long holiday weekend and unless USC upsets ND, I don't have any other entertainment to cling to!


Crane Motorsports

The Baja 1000 is a League race. Mark it zero, next race.
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translation=this thread will have 1982498742983 views and 234737823923 comments by 6pm PST.
That's a good prediction.. Only a Pistol vs Jerry thread could get more hits in that short of a time frame.

randy s

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i wonder what would happen if it were rg pulling this little stunt after doing donuts at the finish line at the loop race and pissing off sal to no end...prolly nothing and i wouldn't expect anything to come of it here either to deprive mexican fans of their moment in the sun once again. the vildosolas were fast enough to win without this maneuver or whatever the hell that was. they had a great truck and it was wicked fast.


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"speculation"? I am ready to say "Congratulations, BJ Baldwin, for winning the 2012 SCORE Baja 1000". This looks like Pueriticitos Highway. It's a good thing there is no nerfing allowed on the highway transfer sections... that could be ugly! Now I have to go to the grocery store again and get some popcorn... lightly salted and buttered!

I am surprised that somebody on Team TT21 doesn't get it that you must assume than every person and their dog has a video camera and has learned to post to fb or youtube!


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how about who cares he won end of story i have seem so many other teams cheat i heard he just wanted i sticker real bad


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You should post the alleged video to get a full view of what happened...I don't see anybody inside the TT for starters...the gray pick up is showing brake lights on....f are the vehicles movingor all I can see, this could be a non race photo. Gossip.


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Tavo commented on a thread yesterday, maybe we will get lucky and he will post up here.


OP mentioned all they received was the screen shot - As far as I have read (here and on FB), the only ones to have the video are the TMZ videographer and SCORE...


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Probably clipping off wires that were shorting after destroying the lightbar passing all those TTs before Puertocitos?


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SCORE will make a 15 mins penalty after this evidence and they still winning by 59 seconds...