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Vintage Air

John Bitting

Is anyone running the vintage air system in there prerunner? Can you guys recommend a shop to purchase and install this system. Thanks in advance..


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Call Steve Spirkoff at Spirit 619-561-2913. He has done some chevy hot rods with it and also a few prerunners.


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talk to barry at street rod repair company in placentia. (my neighbor) he has put in many of those vintage air units, and knows what systems work the best. #714-927-7220. just tell him pete sent you. it will take him a few moments to get over the off-road thing though, hot rods are the thing at his shop, and he gives me a ration of &*^% when i'm there using the shop for my pre-runner. pete p.s. don't worry about wiring up the ac, i'll take care of it if barry does it.

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