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Vintage Bronco Wanted


I would love to find an old Race Bronco 1966-1977. Anybody that knows of one please let me know!


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I saw one on CL recently for a very reasonable price but I can't find the link anymore. Was about $14-16K and in California somewhere.

Gary Plagman

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Ask Hal Sealunds abot Old Race Bronco Homan Moody and Stroppe.

Look up Hal he has some of the Stroppe broncos in yuma AZ.



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I found a link to an ad for the Bronco that I was referring to several posts earlier:

1972 Ford Bronco for Sale | ClassicCars.com | CC-958229

Unless there's something up with this truck that I'm not aware of, it seems like a heck of a deal. I worked on it a bit when it was at Vintage Broncos in Mesa, AZ, in the early 90s. It was racing the La Rana series at that time.

Todd Z.