Vintage Cars Making the Ensenada NewsPaper

volks 73

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A friend of a friend found this newspaper at a store in Ensenada at this years Baja 1000 .It has 2 picture of my car. One on the front page and one in the sports section. I'm sure the photo was pulled from their archives because the article is about this years 1000. It's pretty cool to have this show up at my house tonight.It is pretty random the friend (Marty)saw my car one time three years ago and then now, when he saw the paper he instantly recognized the car and bought the paper. He kept the paper w/him until he could get it to me. Thanks Marty
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Ex McMillin racer, I believe it was named "Red dawg"?

volks 73

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1984 Chenowth Raced the first time in the 1984 Baja 1000. There are a few good pictures of the car in the McMillin's book BIG BLUE M . The McMillin's called it Red Dog.

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From behind that looks like Margarita mama. I rode a lot of miles in those old cars