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Vintage Desert Racing Video, film, or home movies


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Fellow RDC Friends. I am currently working on a project and I am in need of Vintage desert racing video, film, or home videos. Anything that you or your father, grand father ect may have shot from back in the golden years of desert racing. Specifically pre 1990 or older.

I am in search of elements that you own, or have shot. I can not use old recordings of races. ANY desert race will do but Baja races are what we are really after!

Trucks, Buggies, Bikes, everything!

If you have old film that is fine too! I can have it transferred on my side.

Thank you all for the help! PM me if you have anything you want to contribute, and thank you all!


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I have some 1970's that a friend put on DVD, I'm not sure if I can email the links. I shot this with my cell phone of the computer.