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Hello vintage Jeep enthusiast.

After several conversations with Vintage Jeep owners we are happy to announce that Jeepspeed will be inviting these teams to compete in our Jeepspeed General Tire Desert Race series in 2018.

Any 6 cyl Jeep with 33" max tire and max 10" front travel and 12" rear travel can run in our Class 1700.

Jeep or Dodge - SCORE Vintage Trailblazers 1982 and older - can run in our Class 2700. (max 12" front travel and 14" rear travel with max 35" tire").

Jeep or Dodge - SCORE Vintage Innovators 1983 to 1992 - Can run in our Class 3700. (max 15" front travel and open rear travel with 37" max tire).

We appreciate you already have selected vintage events but if you do decide to run with us at any of our events you will run heads up in these classes for Pro Pay Back and a separate trophy will be awarded to the first Vintage finisher in each class. You will also qualify for Year End Championship points and Prize Money.

By running mandated General Tires you will get a Jeepspeed subsidized entry fee of $850 for all six BITD/Jeepspeed race dates and qualify for all Jeepspeed applicable contingency prizes and event payback. Currently General Tire donate four tires when you purchase your first set.

Jeepspeed already has a wide selection of Jeep , Dodge, Mopar vehicles racing in our series, and recognize the Vintage Jeeps and Dodges will add some extra spice to our races. We hope to see you soon.

See rules at or call/text 714 657 2748 nine to five any day.