Vintage off-road racing helmets

La Tijereta

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What about a layout with the girls playing the old Mint 400 game...


Back in the day you could buy a full Class 8 race truck for $2,500 and go racing..

harleys dad

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Here is a cool vintage McMillin helmet.

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I have one just like it with my name on it, we got many done at the same time in the late 70s and in the 80s.Still have my dads also. I came across the helmet I wore in the mid 70s found in my moms attic not to long ago, just plain open face with many tech stickers on it. I have several Mint jackets from every year starting in 76 threw the last true Mint 400 and bags all still at my moms house


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I have a Bell, full face helmet from 1974. Not for sale, but available as a temporary loaner for your photo shoot. PM me if you are interested.....


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Dick Dahns from the early years. 1219162150.jpg