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Vintage Snap On toolboxes


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Whats up everyone, I juat graduated the Fab School and am looking to start accumulating tools. I have been looking around at different tool boxes and I found this pretty nice looking vintage snap on. The guys asking 399 for it. I just wanted to see what your guys thoughts are on buying old tool boxes like this. Is it worth it or should I buy something newer? Thanks!

1977 Snap-On KRA-379A and KRA-58D Rolling Tool Cart Cabinet Box
Congratulations on your graduation. I say if you like it get it. Hopefully all the drawers work and such. Don’t know any prices or how boxes compare. I’m just saying.

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You should do well with those. I have three Snap On boxes, one of them is a KRA59, a later version of the top box in the listing. It's a tank. For $400 it's not a bad deal. It would be a good starter box. At some point you'll need something with wider drawers, 32" to 40". Right now though for basic hand tools that would be a good box as long as it's as advertised.