Viola Racing 1033 Ridgecrest Recap


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Having never raced the Motion Tire 250 before we didn't know what we were getting in to. The crew had gotten there on Wednesday Night with the prerunner and set up camp. The crew got a few laps in on Thursday before I could get there and were reporting back on how rough the course was.

Thursday Night the race car(Eleanor) and the chase truck were all loaded up for a 4am departure from Las Vegas. However in looking everything over with Adam Wik he noticed a cracked housing on the inner pivot on the drivers side. With having to get to work the pivot would have to wait until the morning. The clock clicked over to 330am and it was time to head to the shop. The first hour would be dedicated to fixing the pivot before getting on the road. Finally around 530 am the pivot was welded up and we were on the road to Ridgecrest.

My navigator and everyone were waiting for me to go prerun by the time I got there. As soon as we got there we jumped in our ES Motorsports 3 seater and began to get a lap in. After about 20 miles or so on course we decided to pull over and wait for one of our other crew guys to catch up in his Polaris RZR. Taking a look over the prerunner we noticed a leaking fuel pump. Got out the tools and a few minutes later the fuel pump was back to working condition. Back in and buckled we continued on all the way back to camp. From the prerunner the course had looked to be rough but would be a fun course.

From there we headed into town to get registered and tech'd. The wind was whipping like a hurricane so we made tech about as quick as we could.

Race Day
Draw for start spots would put us last in class 10 which we are used to. Plan off the start would be to run smooth and let attrition take some cars out then go racing on the last two laps. Green flag drops and we're off. Within the first 10 miles we had already passed 2 10 cars that had pulled over and class 1. So far so good the plan was working. Bad luck would strike as quick as mile 18. We clipped a sharp edge and got a flat on the drivers side front. Navigator Derek Bradley jumped out and had us back on the road in less then 3 minutes. We decided to push all the way to main for a tire on the rack and decided to take fuel since we were stopping anyway. At the main pit we were 5th 10 car on the road which told us the pace we were running was probably fine. Back on course for lap 2. Lap 2 would begin the lapped traffic. The course was already getting broken down. We were chasing another 10 car into the wash before pit a and hit some nasty breaking bumps that shook the car around pretty bad and stunned both of us that we had to shake it off and realize we needed to get back into race pace. We would end up picking a few more spots off on the second lap and then on the gas pipe road at 106 we hit the big jump and the hood decided it didn't want to go for a ride anymore. 2 of the bolts that hold the hood on decided to fall off. Derek rode for about 8 miles with his arms out the window holding the hood down. We again decided to pull in and take that off before it made matters worse. Also decided to fill the car with fuel and hopefully run last 2 laps without stopping. We had come into main physically 3rd class 10 but according to our team we were leading. Off we go and out on lap 3. Lap 3 would be pretty smooth charging through the holes and passing lapped traffic. End of the 3rd lap we came through main 3rd class 10 still but had been closing the gap on trying to be making first dust in class 10. Every little bit further we started reeling in the 2nd car on the road and by pit c on the last lap we were only a 100 yards or so behind him. Chasing the FNA car the last lap kind reenergized us to keep pushing. We would come into main physically 3rd in class 10 and 1st on time.

After having what happened at BAP it was nice to make a comeback and put Eleanor and Viola Racing on top of the box. Cant thank all those who help us make it happen enough, BFGoodrich Tires, Wiks Racing Engines, JBS Motorsports, King Shocks, Viola's Tavern, my navigator Derek, and my whole family and everyone who supports us. Cant wait for the next one.
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Thanks for the race report, sexy looking car