Viola Racing V2R Report


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We ending up getting a good draw spot finally with 4th. All the class 2000's were chilling at the start line waiting around to be staged because at the meeting we were told that there would be a class starting in front of us. Well those classes didnt end starting there and all the drivers had to rush to get our gear on and get to the start. So we rush to the line and get there just as the last car of the class in front of us was going off which i think was 8100.

Off the start its pretty dusty but the wind is blowing a little bit which helps us catch the guy that started right in front of us. Now third on the road and finally getting settled into the groove. We give chase 2 a fly by at pit one and keep motoring into the silt now. There was a car running to the right of the silt so we decided to run left. About a mile into the silt and we hear a siren but we cant see anything behind us and i am running all the way left so i pull over to the left and there is a 7200 truck. I cut it back to the right and he clips the rear cage, but from my mirror looks like the tire. We radioed to our pit guys at pit 2 telling them we were going to stop to make sure we didnt have any real damage.

Now out of two and onto three for our first fuel stop. We ended up changing the air filter as well but other then almost losing our intercom we had a pretty flawless first day. We were i think third car across the line but 4th in class.

Day 2 was a different story. On day one we thought we lost the starter at mile 150 so we had to bump start the car the whole time. So it was hard to get it started that next morning out of impound. Thanks to a protruck team we were able to bump it. Race started good we caught the third place car about 3 miles in and was gaining ground on the feild.

Around mile 20 something we noticed 2007 Geer pulled over changing a flat which makes us second now possibly first on time. Only a few short miles after gaining second we were in some 8100's dust and hit a joshua tree that was facing stump to the course. I did everything i could to avoid it but tagged it with the rotor. Everything seemed fine until i had to use the breaks. No breaks from that point on. We took it easy to pit 1 were we watched the race slip away. I think we lost 5 or 6 postions in the pits trying to get breaks. The break problem would last all day.

We made all of our scheduled stops for fuel and air cleaners until pit 5 were we tried to stop and get some breaking power. Needless to say about an hour later i have a little bit of break which is better but still not good. We took off out of the dry lake bed and into the silt which seemed like it was forever. It was so bad we had to pull over and clean the air filter in between pits.

After getting onto some soild ground we notice the sun starting to go down, and thought it would be best that we get the light bar at the next pit.

Now out of pit 7 fueled, lights, and ready to go. O and we not sure if have a battery problem or a bad alternator so we need to run with no lights for as long as possible. About 28 miles out 7 the car dies so instanly i think the alternator was shot. My navigator jumped out and relized the belt was gone. Well we broke the alt belt trying to bump it on so we had the power steering belt put on until we could get to eight and get a new one. Now its pitch black and were just creeping so i dont throw the belt off and the car dies 6 miles from 8. Now the battery is dead. My crew brings the tools, alt belt, and a new battery to the road crossing and me and the navigator fix it and are off and running again.

Now we have like 40 miles to go in like two hours, no problem right? Wrong. We get to mile 690 at the nasty and rocky uphill where three cars already are stuck at. We dodge all the rocks and make it almost to the top. At night i cant see the the race course and take the tt line which we get stuck in. Drew the nav gets out to guide me down and when he pushed me loose the car flew backwards dwon the hill and rolled 1.5 times onto the roof. I got out and lucky the other cars that were stuck walked up to help. We got flipped back over but that was it for us all the drivers and riders were spent. We ended riding back with 1115 chase crew until we et up with ours and slept an hour in the desert to get our car the next morning.

V2R was a blast we had it soloed but that one hill. I want to thank everyone that helped us out. 18TT 1115 and chase crew, the guys from the torchmate truck, my nvaigator and chase crew they did awsome. Sigal racing for getting us a new battery, and i think 1818 a sportsman buggy helped us with the belts. Well see everyone at silver state.


Cool report and story! Thanks for sharing Vince!


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Great report, Vince. Sorry you had such bad luck. And stop rolling my car!!
Ill try to stop rolling it. Wait until you see the car next time. We are relocating the light bar and will possibly have a new style hood for next season. Are you going to be out at hawthorne?


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Good job Vince, 1600's are finicky.


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Rough race but atleast you had fun. Are you guys going to run any vorra races any more.
Next year we might race 1 or 2 to get ready for vegas to reno or silver state depending on how our race schedules are with school. Next time the story will end with getting the checker flag. See everyone at silver state.