VORRA - April 2nd and 3rd


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Dec 18, 2002
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Due to concerns by the state regarding environmental issues, we will be changing the format of our April 2-3 race at Prairie City back to the standard shortcourse format. Our goal was to have 2 days of racing on a longer version of our regular race course, taking the course outside of our normal boundaries. We still wish to have a race of this type in the future, so we will revisit the venue with the state and discuss the logistics again at a future date. Please refer to the schedule from the last race as to the timing of the event.
To add something exciting to the program VORRA will offer a jump off competition on Sunday 04/03/05 immediately following the last race moto. Prize money for the jump off will be $100.00 for the quads and $300.00 for the Cars/Trucks. The format is 2 jumps per vehicle with the longest one taking the cash!

For those of you who haven't seen our new 1.9 mile track, it is a sweet piece of work. Come out and play with us, we have a strong 7 class and are always looking for some new friends to play with. Come see why CORR has expressed some interest in what we are doing...Visit www.vorra.com for more details...Curt