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Hi gang,

We are working on a new system for posting multitudes of race pictures from several sources. We have lots of pics from the first two short course races, but we have virtually nothing usable from Yerington or Fallon. (Cindy the pics you sent are wonderful but too small to use for anything other than thumbnails. Email me and we can discuss it!)

I know Gary Steele was at Fallon, and there must have been dozens of private people who got some good stills or video. I'd like to actually try to make a compilation-style 1-2 minute short highlight video from each race, but I need footage from the masses. Please email me or Josh if you have footage, pics or questions on what formats (Larger is always better).

BTW, we also need some race horror/success stories so we can have some interesting content on the site that people look forward to checking out after every race.

See you all soon, and thanks for your support.



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We had a great day at Fallon. My Penhall class 12 car not only kept up with the big 10 cars but nearly beat them all. My whole A & M Racing crew are thrilled with our 2nd in class & overall finish. It is our highest finish in two years.

We started out with a clean first two laps. As I pitted after lap 2, my crew had told me I had gained on the Haas leading car to within seconds of him. I never saw them pit, I heard we were very close, they were leaving the pits as I arrived. As I started my last lap I quickly encountered VORRA's only class 8 entry of the race. They make more dust than anyone out there. It took me over 27 miles to get past the big class 8. I could gain on him a little than more dust or a fast section and I would lose some ground. Finally before check three I got right up on him in a tight rough section and they nicely moved right over. I knew I had to make up some time so I was pushing real hard to catch the lead car.

I screamed through check 3 and after navagating carefully through the downhill cliff section I went a few more miles before totally losing my breaks! That was a real education. I had to focus alot further down the race track in order to make it the rest of the way. It really slows you down! I made it to the finish line and rolled it to a stop in impound.

With our slow third lap we still only lost to first place my less than six minutes. Thanks to all my crew and supporters for a great Fallon Race! See ya all in Hawthorne.


I'll send a note to Gary about getting ya some pics. i don't think he checks this boad so i'll let him know.