VORRA Double Header at Prairie CIty Oct 29-30


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Double Header Short Course Racing Announced
September 09, 2011, Sparks, Nev. -- Valley Off Road Racing Association (VORRA) today announced it will consolidate the final two events of its 2011 season with a first ever Short Course Double Header Halloween weekend, October 28 – 30 at Prairie City SVRA outside Sacramento.

“Short course racing is fast, intense and a fan favorite, since you can see the whole course from the grandstands,” said VORRA Race Director Wes Harbor. “Several season championships will be decided this weekend and teams will be giving it their all.”

The event kicks off Friday, October 28 with tech, registration and practice. Saturday and Sunday’s three-moto rounds of racing will be scored as separate series points events. The Annual BBQ and Costume Party planned for Saturday night promises to be one of the biggest ever in celebration of VORRA’s Inaugural Double-Header Finale.
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what time do gates open sunday? and wheres the track at? ive only been to the mx track there.
Track is right next to mx track. Enterance is one closer to Prairie City rd. Big VORRA sign on one side and Hangtown on the other, that's the road you go in on. Not sure exactly when the racing will start but gates should be open by 8am. Link to flyer for race is on first page of this thread.


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Great racing today. Sam Berri put on a clinic as always. Big class T field with some good racing. All the improvements that have been done around the track are awesome! If your in the area you have to make it out.


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Your video at Clay Pit showed it running pretty good.
Did you get your top link setup like you wanted?
Yep got the suspension all fixed. Now I need to rebuild the trans.

Had a great time watching the races today. Got me and my buddy super motivated to get our trucks out there and race.

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Rumor has it Dan Vance went up there and kicked butt


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Dan placed 2nd for the day. Ran away with it in 1st moto. Inversion put him in the back for 2nd moto and traffic of the start held him up some. Work his way up thru the pack to finish 4th. In the 3rd and final moto of the day Dan started mid pack and had some first lap door rubbin' with the boys from Reno. By mid race he had fought his way into second but just run out of time to reel in the V8 Chevy that with two wins placed first on the day.

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Dan did well on Sunday as well, if it were not for a last lap clutch failure, we probably would have not been able to pass him for the days win.

Then my wife had some exciting fun drag racing for the lead in powder puff, good thing they are ok!

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That whole program was a blast to watch, and even more fun to be part of.
Big thanks to VORRA for making it all possible.
I got the opportunity to drive my first offroad races in the 1107 in heat 3 on sat , heat 3 and mech race on sunday and co dogged a couple others as well. I had no idea an 11 could be so fun!
The whole weekend was great, thanks to the Total Chaos crew for loaning us some nitrogen so we wouldn't bottom out so hard, that was huge =)


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Had alot of fun racing against everbody in group-t...... everybody really stepped up there game for this last race!!!!



Some video a Dan from this weekend
LONG TIME LURKER, FIRST TIME POSTER... Hello all, I am constantly amazed at the pictures and video from your races and reading your forum posts. Like most we can never make it out as much as we like, but I love to see your post race reviews. VORRA is defiantly a family like environment! Keep It Going Guys!

Dave, That is a great video! :cool: It was pieced together great, with some great shots! It always astonishes me how the light tube frame trucks, truck bodied buggies, and the full sized and full framed trucks battle it out so well, and so constantly. I think the videos are a great insight into the race. I couldn’t believe how many times Dan passed that full size truck 801! It is great to see how the sponsored pros and the new guys can compete, but of course that is off road racing!
I am off to find more photos/videos, and the results of the weekend!

Keep up the good work, both in the field and the shops. You put on a great show! \m/

Joe Zeppe
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