VORRA Fallon 250 Aug 30-Sep1


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VORRA Fallon 250 August 30-September1

250 Mile Desert Race with one of the most diverse courses around. Rocks, silt, fast roads to technical sections this course has it all. This is a course to talk about and tell all your friends to come race.

Some of the lowest entry fees around.

Cars and Trucks $550

UTV’s and Pilots$ 350

VORRA also has a great family friendly pit and camping area. So don’t be afraid to bring them with you.

Remember to pre register at www.VORRA.net

Schedule of events.

Friday August 29: Course open to inspection. 35mph speed limit will be enforced.

Saturday August 30:

11 AM – 3 PM

Registration & Tech Inspection –

Stockman's Casino, Fallon

4 PM


Drivers Meeting TBD

Driver's Meeting is MANDATORY for all


Sunday, July 31



9, 11 - Start of Race

(11hr time



All Other Classes - Start of Race


time limit)


Vehicles may be held if deemed unable

to complete their next lap within published

race time limit.


Race time limit for first vehicles to

finish. Individual DNF times are 6:30pm plus

your stagger start time.

Monday September 1

9 AM

Awards Presentation -

Stockman's Casino

Have a safe drive home


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Uses part of the VtoR course; the gas line rollers after Rawhide. Very fun course!


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sounds cool but the 12 hour drive each way again is no Bueno for us


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I'm stoked for this race. After 2 years of my brother riding with me at this race, once in a sportsman subby 1600 thingy (btw with a 45 min lead when I got out) and once in the povey TT ( btw leading OA after the first lap). now I get to ride in the two can racing Tyler mort special 12 car in class 10 with my brother driving and me yelling at him to go faster! At least my brother and I will know the track, and it looks like class 10 will have some heavy hitters coming out. See you all next weekend!

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BJ says: "and it looks like class 10 will have some heavy hitters coming out"
Group T also, going to be some fast lap times for sure!


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Class 10 looks to be stacked as well as group T for sure. Also a little birdy told me to keep a lookout for some old vorra racers with new cars coming back at this race. Cant wait.


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It went good. Pretty uneventful, we just wanted to finish since it was our first race ever. Nothing broke on the truck except the light bar on the roof fell off. When we finished they told us we were unofficially 6th in group T.


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Niklas had a great time this weekend. Sounds like he had his work cut out for him. Thanks to everyone who made this race happen!
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