Vorra Silver State Forklift Fallon 250--Including bikes and quads!


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The Silver State Forklift
Fallon 250
Who’s ready!? This is going to be BIG!
This is the biggest, most jammed packed weekend VORRA has ever had. There are a lot of details we want to put out there for everyone.
Silver State Forklift is our presenting sponsor for this race… The Seymourfamily is putting up some serious cash!
Bikes and Quads, are you ready!? You all have been asking for years... So, let’s do this!
Open Pro, Open Expert, Amateur, and Ladies’ classes will race
Safety gear is required. Rear Flashing light is not mandatory but recommended.
Number plates go as follows:
* Pros: Blue or Red background, White letters
* Expert: Yellow background, Black letter
* Amateur: Black background, White number
* Ladies: Yellow background, Black numbers
Comfort Inn
1830 W. Williams Ave
Fallon NV
(775) 423-5554
2 queen rooms $94 per night Room code- Vorra off road race
Must register by 7/22
Holiday Inn
56 Commercial Way
Fallon NV
(775) 428- 2588
2 queen rooms or 1 king $114 per night Room code- VRG
(Next to Stockman’s Casino, has indoor pool)
Friday (7/26): Tech and registration will take place at Stockman’s Casino from 4-8pm.
You must go through tech before you can register. We are going to have a ton of entries and tech will take some time. I suggest getting cool refreshments in the casino.
There is plenty of parking in and around the casino, but, no hot laps in or around the casino!
Saturday (7/27): It’s going to be a long, action-packed day! In order to stay on time, keep the race’s going, and stay safe, we all need to be on the same page. The bikes and quads will be a Grand Prix style race- meaning once the lead bike finishes, you will not be able to start another lap.
The second race, (Vintage Classes, Class 9, Class 11, and Stock UTV’s), will be Grand Prix style as well, but, per class. If deemed, you are not able to complete another lap before the race is over you may be held at the start/finish.
For both morning races, (bikes, quads, Vintage Classes, Class 9, Class 11, and Stock UTV’s), you may also be held at a checkpoint if deemed not able to finish.
Once the last vehicle leaves the starting line, at the cut-off time, a sweeper will run to clear the course.
Although starting at the bottom of the hill, the first two races will finish at the top of the hill. Our goal is to finish without having to slow down to 25mph through the pits. Additionally, with other race classes starting, this will eliminate the finishers coming into the start line.
The track will consist of 3 checkpoints. Checkpoints 1 and 3 are accessible, checkpoint 2 is also accessible, but is a long way around to get to it. Pro Pit will be manning and running checkpoint 2. Trust us, it’s the best $25 you will ever spend. Pro Pit will be at tech on Friday evening, and they can haul spares, as well as, fuel to their pit.
Reminder, this is a non-transponder race. If the checkpoints or start/finish cannot read your number, you may not be scored. It is your responsibility to make sure your numbers are easily visible.
All classes must make a full and complete stop at each checkpoint. Each checkpoint will have a 25 mph, before and after. Radar guns will be in play. Time penalty’s will be issued for speeding at a checkpoint or the start/finish area. This is a safety issue and will be taken seriously!
Motorcycles will start at 7am. All numbers are open, with the exception of the #1 Plate.
The #1 chip draw will start on his own. After the first bike (a perk of drawing that position), everyone else will start two at a time, 30 seconds apart.
The second race will consist of Vintage Classes, Class 9, Class 11, and Stock UTV’s. *Classes need to have working brakes and rear amber lights. The tock UTV’s may not have large rear bumpers. This race is a NO TOUCH race. Meaning, there is no bumping, tapping, or nerfing; penalties or disqualification may be issued. All vehicles are required to have a working horn. If you are caught, move over. It’s all about Safety for everyone.
UTVS, you must have brake lights, 1 amber light, and a flashing green or blue light. We suggest green, as local OHV parks in California are starting to ask that blue lights not be used.
We have partnered with Rear Light Bar, Dave is putting together VORRA specific bars, and is giving BIG discounts. rearlightbar.com will be a HUGE contingency for VORRA at Fallon for all classes.
The third race will consist of all open classes.
The PRO UTV’s will be racing with the big guys. These UTV’s are also a no touch class. PRO UTV’s- it is your responsibility to have working lights. Brake lights, amber light, and a flashing blue or green light. You may be held at the start line or checkpoint in order to fix your lights. YOU WILL NOT PASS TECH WITHOUT WORKING LIGHTS.
This race will run into the night. You will need lights if you’re running the third race.
There will be late tech at 6 am for Motorcycles, Stock UTV, Class 9, Class 11, and Vintage Classes. There will be a driver’s meeting at 6:30am, for Motorcycles only.
Roll call will be taken for all meetings. If you do not attend, you will not start on time.
Bring your bikes and gear to the meeting. Staging will take place right after the meeting ends.
9am will be a mandatory Drivers meeting for Stock UTV, Class 9, Class 11 and Vintage classes.
Vintage classes may be split into classes depending on entries. Early entries show at least 2 possibly 3 classes. We can vote at the drivers meeting on how big we want the classes.
Bring your race cars and gear, staging will begin after the meeting ends.
11am-12pm- Late Tech and registration for all evening
12pm- Drivers meeting for evening race.
4pm- First unlimited truck off the line.
We will have our own crew running during the race, as well as after to retrieve vehicles. These vehicles will have amber lights and spotters watching for oncoming racers. If you catch these vehicles, be patient as they are on the track to respond to an emergency or a broken vehicle. They will move at the soonest point possible. Other than the VORRA staff, we do not want anyone trying to respond and retrieve vehicles on the course. We will retrieve and take the race car to the next checkpoint.
In main pits and all checkpoints, while fueling your race car you MUST have a fuel containment system. I suggest doing some research. The BLM will be there inspecting and advising on fuel storage and containment systems.
Sunday (7/28): Award ceremony at the Stockman’s Steak house, 10am.
There will be more information being released. We suggest everyone that can attend to do so, there are some really cool things planned.
We hope you all are excited as we are! Please forgive us for the next week or so, as we are moving and getting settled into a new home. Setting up the new VORRA office is top priority!
For preregistration, head over to vorraracing.com
Please do not hesitate to call, text, or email us if you have any questions or concerns.
B.j. Butcher (916) 256-8743
Laura Butcher (775) 304-7186
Thank you!