VORRA teams with KRXQ 98.5!!!!!!!


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Hi all,

Got a phone call yesterday from Steve Sullivan (V8 buggy) regarding a new promotional deal for VORRA with Sacramento's 98 Rock Radio Station! They are running ads promoting both the short course races, and are having their resident race reporting hottie Leigh Taylor http://www.krxq.net/race_report/index.php reporting from the race! They are going to give away tickets on air. There's going to be a band playing in the pits and the DJ's are doing live broadcasts. WE NEED YOUR HELP TO MAKE THIS A BIG SUCCESS.

Steve is offering up his buggy for an informal "Celebrity Race" that is to take place after the racing is over, but before the jump contest. He needs to get some more people who would be willing to allow someone else to drive their vehicle. You'd be riding co-dog (unless you'd rather hide in your trailer until it's over). 3-4 laps total. The idea is for some of the DJ's to get some seat time in a grudge match format so they'll be pumping up the deal on the radio. I offered up my truck, but I seriously doubt anyone's going to want to (be able to) drive it with hand controls, so I'm probably off the hook.

What he also needs is as much feedback as soon as humanly possible for how the ads should be handled, and any other feedback, ideas, suggestions as well. Like I said, they start airing ads on Monday. Here's Steve's contact info:
(916) 223-2646

No matter what you have to say, Steve wants to hear it. At least consider thanking him for putting in the extra effort. I'm sure he'd like that as well.

If you do nothing else, PLEASE take the time to email the station thanking them and hyping them up once you hear an ad. Here are the email addys:
Promotions Manager: jnelson@entercom.com
Station Manager: cjohnson@entercom.com

Also, he mentioned that Rich is doing an infomercial on ESPN2 promoting the rock crawling and off-road racing stuff, but I have no other details on that.



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Okay, Bubba ain't happy. I can't find any super hot pics of the radio hottie.................She's all covered up. That ain't right.............................

Sounds like a good deal though. I'll put out the word through da 'hood to my homies up in Sactown and see if they will get away from their trucks and come out for the festivities.......

Just one question, do these bands play any Hank Williams?