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VORRA’s- Fight at Fort Sage!




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Hot pit finish area. Standing at the finish line looking east. Blm is going above and beyond to make the race and track a success. We got to run a couple laps today and it’s going to be a fun, fast, technical course.



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Give 250 to the last car to finish. Nothing cooler than recognizing the guys that did it for the love of the sport
Dave cole when u gonna have class 11 race at hammertown? 😃


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Farthest traveled to the race.
Shortest race. Someone will enter the Fight to mile 1.

I like these two, that was me at the Fallon race!


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Just got done going over prizes w BJ. $250 for Group T smallest engine , c9 and c11 $250 each for last place. Oldest entrant $100. Most flats $250. This leaves $400 to go to some VORRAteers , it aint
Much but you guys make the show happen. Thank you.


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Thank you to VORRAteers,
thank you to 43mod,
Results on FB look great, faster than I thought I was...