VTR, Wed night camp @ start?

Elk Hunter

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Why does the BITD web site say to stay in Vegas on wed night? Is there enough parking to camp at the start? makes for a early morning for Quads and bikes.
Thanks for the help.

D Bergstrom

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Not sure even where the start is, or how much room there is. I would not camp at the start anyway. The first year we raced Vegas to Reno (2006), we camped at the start. When we got out there the night before, nobody was really there, woke up in the morning and we were blocked in. Had to wait a while before we could get the toy hauler out. Every year since then we usually go past the start, find a turnout along the highway (There are a bunch along 95), and just stay there. Then in the morning we just head back to the start, going the opposite dircetion of all the traffic.


Wendell #527

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Yea the pit notes say there's like 127 miles or something from Vegas to the start, so it will be an early start. I think that week will be full of early starts and late nights, though, so one more early start isn't that big a deal.


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We are getting feed back that there are several that will head out to the starting area that afternoon after contingency and sign up, just to avoid the mass land rush from vegas to the start area, it is out there a little bit. If you are doing the full camp / motorhome deal and have the capacity to do so,it probibly is a good idea, leaving yourself some room to get outta there after the vehicle you are with is a great idea, hopefully everyone will respect this and keep ingress and egress open and readily uncluttered for all of us.


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We were going to camp at the start area weds night, not racing now :( The start is somewhere near Beatty and if you head west out of Beatty towards Death Valley/Rhyolite you'll find a lot of desert to camp in. Might find some peace out there (not now). Keep in mind the drivers meeting should be Weds night and is usually not over until 9pm or so.


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Camp at the start or go get your rig positioned for the first night?

It's a decent haul from Tonopah to Beatty (probably a little less than Vegas to Beatty) but we were thinking we would already have the toybox in place once we finished Day 1 in Tonopah.

Anyone else considering this plan or does it make more sense to try and find a place near Beatty?