VW and Mark Miller Continue to Dominate Silk Rally...



Nope! And that's gone ruin the sport also. As much as I like the tech in the VW and a fan for the VW I dont consider that a competition.

The only question is: Who is going to be 5th......

And for the Dakar - I'm certain if the dominate it same - what might happend with no competition to push VW might also pull the plug cause what are you proofing?? For sure not technical superior products.

Not want to take a way from the drivers as such and not saying no at Silkway or may at Dakar the are "rolling" it home but no dicing ticing for position aint the thing.

Hopeful x-raid will give them a hard time to make it a race!!

randy s

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not all of those vw's will finish i don't think and gordon might sneak in with a podium finish again if he does'nt run out of racecars. i don't know how bad his primary car is now but there's not much time. but you can never count robby gordon out in an off road race. ever. if he were still driving for vw, he'd be a favorite. but i still don't think he can win overall in a two wheel drive car.