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VW help with Carb selection please


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I am new to the aircooled VW world and have some questions about carbs and I have been getting all kinds of different info.

What I have is a 74 VW Thing with a 1776cc engine right now I have duel dellorto 40mm carbs and I want to go to a center mount carb.

What would be the best way to go? I have had a place tell me the Weber type 4 progressive kit would be the best and then another shop told me to run a EMPI IDF type carb.

I do about 50/50 street and Off road. I do not race just prerun and fun Dezert stuff.

Please any help would be great!
Single stock Solex probably best overall performance and reliability. If you can find one...

PM "harley's dad" here on rdc. King Dave is a 45+ year VW desert racer/afficinado, know what tricks make 'em work best.

I had an 1835 in a 74 Type 181, worked well with a Solex and stock manifold, more mid range driveability IMHO, if less power than a big ol' two barrel.


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Stock Solex would be best. But a single Dellorto works great if set up right. Stay away from the Empi the are junk!
I have a single Dell on my 1914 in 4 seater it works awesome never had a problem with it, the 40mm Dell that you have should work fine just have to jet it.


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What ever carb you get, do not leave fuel with alcohol in it. In a week it will turn to sludge and clog all the passages. I had the single Webber on My old buggy apart so many times it made fuel injection look real attractive.

Pemex has no alcohol and will last several months without issue.


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The progressive Weber is a pos. The venturis vibrate and whittle down the bore of the carb itself. Whats wrong with the dual Dellortos? It will be hard to fit a single under the deck of a thing. All of the single manifolds are pretty tall. Rejet one of the 40 Dellortos if you want to run a single.