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VW Thing Project


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I have a thing I use for lite pre-running, would like to take it to the next level. I'm looking for pictures of tricked out things, or any web sites etc. Would also like to talk to someone who has one or knows someone that has built one.

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- users no longer part of the rdc family -
I just had to chime in here with my 2¢. Those Thing's are so sweet when they are done up right!
I wish I could help with your question but I can't find anything on Thing's, they are rare.



- users no longer part of the rdc family -
Tony Tellier has a Thing, very tricked out. I am sure he would be happy to share photos and info with you.

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I have built a couple off things. The latest was Dick McCools "cool thing" it was featured in last months hot vws. It has a complete sub frame/chassis. The pics in the mag are very limited. Any more info you can E-mail me at [email protected].
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