VW Thing with Toyota engine


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I have a VW Thing with a Toyota Camry V-6. The engine was in the car when I bought it and has never really run right. I am looking for a shop that does engine swaps and could help me get it running better. I don't believe this is a popular engine swap...maybe because there are no aftermarket parts. It looks like they did a quick wiring job just to get it running. It really needs a rewire. Right now I have to crank the engine over for a long time before it will start. It eventually starts but only runs on a couple of cylinders until it clears out. After I get it running it works great. If I let it sit for a few days and go to start it again I have to go through the same routine. It is getting worse. I think it is a computer problem but not sure. Maybe I should look into another engine...Honda or GM but I am happy with the horsepower this engine has and would like to keep it if I can. Any help would be great. Thanks, Bill