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VW Thing?


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I've seen some posts in here about "Things", so I thought someone might be able to give me some tips about buying one. Mainly, what is the market on these. I have no idea what they sell for, and am not really familiar with them. Any info on what to look for and what would constitute a good buy would be appreciated. Thanks,Pete S.


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almost all you will find that are worthy of off road use are ones that are already in bad condition that way anything you do will always look better

as far as the market the suspension is basically the same as a vw bug so it could theoritically be a race car and some new company is making wide fiberglass for it so it shold all be able to be rebuilt or have new parts

a junked one should find you for about the same price as a bug in the same condition so they will probably be realitively cheap

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Things are Bad Ass when they are done up right, which is rare, but from what I have seen here in So Cal they are hard to come by now days and what is out there cost way to much. One would be better off doing up a Bug. (jmo)

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pete- the us versions sold in 1973 and 1974. they based on a karmann ghia pan with the military spec fron end. this had a different ball joint sett up than the regular type 1 with both balljoints enterin the spindle from the top. the spindles also were raised. the us version came with irs and 14" rims (why i will never know) and were sold as a type of sports car instead of an offroad mule. a thing in decent shape will set you back about 4 to 5k (!) and cherry goes up from there. a beater can be had for as little as 1500 bucks. with nothing more than some good shocks, a bus transmission swap, and a decent cage, you have a nifty prerunner and play car. as far as the suspension goes...the sky is the limit. and if you go with a '73- there are no smog limits either. just don't butcher up a clean one.

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Try thethingshop.com they should be able to tell you anything you ever wanted to know about the type 181(the thing). I currently use one as a prerunner and its pretty durable with only a few mods.


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I'm not really a volkswagon guy or a hummer guy but I just saw something that caught my eye. On Hanneman Fiberglass's website they have a bolt on fiberglass kit for a vw thing that makes ot look like a hummer. It is kind of neat and its really different. Check it out on their website.