Want OLN?


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I'm sure there are many of you like myself that are bummed that they can't see the SCORE series on TV because their cable company (such as COX) doesn't carry OLN so I thought this might be helpful. I'm going to start calling them a couple times a week until they put OLN back on basic cable. I figure if enough of us do this we can get them to change.

This came from OLN's website:

How to Get OLN

Don't get the Outdoor Life Network? You can be one of the millions who enjoy OLN's exciting programming, exclusive coverage of outdoor sporting events, and expert how-to advice!
Call 1-800-OUTDOOR (688- 3667) and press 1 to be connected to your local cable operator to request OLN. The more requests, the better the chances of OLN being added to your cable lineup! Tell a friend and keep calling until you get the leader in Outdoor Adventure TV!

OLN is available via satellite through DIRECTV (1-800-DIRECTV, Channel 608), the Dish Network (1-800-333-DISH, Channel 151), and on c-band 4DTV through National Programming Services (1-888-941-4357).