Want to co-drive in Yerington?


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The mean machine El Camino needs a co-driver! Dave is currently looking for a co-driver for Yerington, the position can be yours! Only a few more days until we're off and racing so take the opportunity while you can!

Below is the information from Dave....

Thank you guys for all the kind words, its really amazing the way people have offered to help and how much everyone loves the car.

The co-driver seat is still open as of now, I have a few ppl who are very interested but nothing has been set in stone. We are getting close enough to the race I need to lock it down by this weekend and just focus on the car. Im sure there is somebody out there who could benefit greatly from the experience, and seeing how a budget race program works. All I want to do is make it to this race and have a solid run. Im working day and night prepping the car, and it is almost ready for a pre-race test day.

The offer is pretty simple, you cover your own costs, get yourself to yerington or the San Jose airport on Saturday am, and kick 600 bucks toward the race expenses. You can get one or two friends together and split the cost too. I will spend over 3,000 bucks between prep, transport, and race expenses. I have been told to charge more, but thats the bare minimum I need to come up with so we can scrape by and not run out of gas halfway thru the race. Im committed to running the entire vorra series, proving the car, and seeing where it takes the race program. Even if I have to push the car there, Im gonna friggin run this race.

This will be the only race I cannot fully fund this year due to the added burden of moving my entire shop over 200 miles this last month, and having to put everything on hold during the move. If you dont have that much dough and are still interested let me know, I can find a couple individuals and split up the seat time that way as well. Last year I made some lifelong memories at Yerington and this year will be even more fun. You cant put a price on that.

So once again I ask my extended racing family to think about it, tell your friends about the opportunity, and help me show people you dont have to be rich to race offroad, just completely dedicated.