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Well it seems to be official now. Just finished the GB Jr. speech and it seems like war with Iraq is now unavoidable. Thoughts?



sure seems like it but thats what happens when you have a tyrant such as saddam in power and is willing to do nearly anything to wipe out as much americans as possible. i for one dont feel to great about the inevitable war cause 6 or so of my pretty close friends are front line type soldiers. i hope all goes well for my friends im not a praying man but i just might start cause i dont want to be going to a funneral. i dunno though i hope its quick and is over with a minimal amount of losses on the usa and its allies side. i just hope if there is a war even if you oppose it you support the troops they are just doing what the were supposed to do. they deserve the respect of every american because with out them we wouldnt be ablee to do what we love doing.



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bush said something that interested me near the end of the speech. he was telling iraqi's soldiers not to follow their commands and that, if brought to trial, they wouldnt be able to say they were following orders. they would be punished regardless. pretty powerful statement. i just hope kills can be kept to a minimum on both sides.



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Whatthis war represents, aside from taking down a dictator who uses terror to rule, is the fact that the U.S.A., and a few other countries are not going to play the politically correct game the U.N. has pushed for the last 15 years. If the U.N. doesn't have the balls to do the job it was originated by the U.S. to do, then step aside and let the folks who are willing to do it go it alone. The world is in fear not because Saddam may do something drastic, but becausethey now know we will not put up with any crap from some 2 bit dictator who thinks they can hide behind the peaceniks of the world while they kill those who have a different opinion. Everyone is shaking at the thought that business as usual is about to end. Good luck and god speed to the soldiers in the quest. The world will be a better place when all is said and done.

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Sorry for this long post, but I felt it gives a very good perspective. It was forwarded to me so I do not know the author's name.

From a thread on one of the Mopar lists..

On the eve of another armed conflict, memories come rushing back to
me that are clear as day. Every nerve is on edge. The air seems
cleaner, you seem hyper-aware of every nuance of sight & sound around
you.... Your stomach roils, knotting and unknotting constantly, you
feel supercharged with energy, and totally drained & tired all at the
same time.... thoughts run through your mind without
control....faster...faster You force yourself to breathe, to force
down the anxiety. You check and recheck your equipment a thousand
times, and keep your soldiers busy doing precombat checks, so their
minds are occupied. People try to joke around, but it is transparent,
like too little contrast on a TV screen... You know exactly what is
going to happen, but you don't know when. Time drags until every
minute seems like an eternity... all
of a sudden there's a rush of
activity, and you think "This is it!" but it's just more preparations
being done by another platoon... The rush of adrenalin subsides, and
you feel a little more drained than before.... Some of your guys just
got so excited they head for the latrine to try & regain control of
their innards... others resume writing letters, and still others are
praying.... the word comes unexpectedly, almost sneaks up on you....
"LOAD UP! SECOND PLATOON FALL IN!" Then it gets strange... It's
here...The adrenalin is back, but more controlled this time... you
know you're on your way... no time to think, the training kicks in...
grab your ruck... check your guys... JONES! GET YOUR CHEM BAG!"
weapons accountability... everybody's got their gas mask.... Weapons
on safe... muzzles down... load up! All accounted for! Then you're
bouncing around in the back of a hot, crowded truck bouncing around
like crazy... the smell of th
e canvas mixes with exhaust and oil...
some guy loses his breakfast, but luckily he's near the tailgate, and
most of it goes out the back... what doesn't adds to the smells
mingling in the hot dusty air, and you gasp for fresh air as a wave
of nausea hits you right in the guts... groans rise up, but nobody
says a word.... just when you think you're about to go nuts, you're
there... combat exit... set up perimeter... establish security...you
get your assignment, you set up a defensive perimeter, dig in,
provide cover while your guys are digging in... make sure they're
drinking water.... check with HQ platoon... turn in all your

If you think this is playing GI Joe behind Billy's house over on Elm,
you're very mistaken. There's no shoot an enemy, high-five your
battle-buddy stuff going on here. You're occupied doing the mission
you were trained to do. There's no politics in foxholes either. At
least when everything
is just starting. Politics and personal
opinions on newsgroups are one thing, but the reality of combat is
something that can't really be explained. Soldiers don't WANT to
leave their families. every soldier knows that when they deploy, they
may not return. And not just in war... I've seen people die during
training and support missions during peace time.....

Regardless of the current situation, my prayers go out to the
military people who are deployed, who are bouncing around on trucks,
tanks, planes, and ships... who regardless of their personal views
are preparing to enter the breech to support and defend our way of
life. To support my views that we need to get rid of Saddam and his
bloody regime, and to support other's point of view that war is to be
avoided at all costs.
The players are all on the stage, the curtain is ready to go up, and
war is about to be unleashed once again. I hope and pray for the
lives of our sold
iers, for the safety and security of innocents, and
the swift conclusion to the conflict.


"It is far better to dare mighty things and fail, than to live in a
gray twilight where there is neither victory or defeat"
- Theodore Roosevelt -


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lets rock em - no matter who wants there to be NO WAR, thats not gonna change Bush's mind. lets just get this over with, and hope for the best possible outcome. I wish our troops the best of luck. No matter what, we're all in this together whether some like it or not.

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I am for the war... I just hope the next MDR race doesn't get cancelled or postponed ( sp?) because of it. I haven't been to a race since Parker and i don't know about the rest of you guys, but I am pulling my hair out to see some action!! :)


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I am back in Washington DC right now. I hope the airport doesnt get closed or i am making a cross country road trip in a rental car...............

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Matt- Take Amtrak. It is much better than you hear. You can relax, see the sights, eat when you want, no stops for the potti, and it will be much faster than driving(the train doesn't stop to sleep!)

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