Warn full float kit


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Any experience out there with the Warn full float kits? They offer one with drive flanges
instead of the more common rear locking hub kit. Rock crawlers use them. Do you think
this would be any stronger than just using new Moser flanged semi-float axles?

Application is a big bronco mild prerunner/chase truck with a Ford 9" 31 spline.
The kit uses a spindle that fits into the end of the stock housing where the bearing
used to be and bolts onto the backing plate flange on the housing.

Thx, Chris


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I've been running the Full-Floater kit on the rear of my '69 Bronco for about 3 years now. I had the hubs for awhile and hated them so I switched to the drive flanges and have been very happy with them. I ran the Caddy discs for awhile and didn't like them so I switched to some late '70s Lincoln discs that I had run before. Sandy Cone modifies the bracketry so they work well. Most of the rockcrawler types I know have had troubles with the hubs too.

For the $$, I think it's a well-made kit.

Do you have your Bronco going yet?

Todd Z.


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i have a 76 bronco with one of the early full float kits and have beat the heck out of it with no problems. it's a great kit for the money. However, i run moser 35 spline axles (i know thats a little bigger than 31) on my race truck and wouldn't dream of putting my warn kit through that kind of abuse.

moser is developing a full float rear assembly. it's not going to be bolt on, but they might be able to give you an excellent idea of 31 spline flanged verses 31 spline floater strength issues.

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Full floater is the way to go on Fords. About 10 years ago I had a 70 Bronco on 33's. After breaking many 28 and 31 spline axles at the flange, we built a full floater out of a narrowed F150 9", using Dana 44 front spindles, discs, calipers, backing plates, everything. Fabricated a mounting plate that was welded to the axle housing, then all the brake and hub parts bolted on. Basically the front parts would also fit the back. Had to use Chebbie drive discs (full time drive vs hubs) because the Warn hubs would just explode. Special ordered a set of custom axle shafts from Moser. Never had another problem for 5 years until I sold it.

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Thx for the replys guys. I think I'm going to just upgrade to 35 spline semi-floaters.
There are a massive upgrade from the stock junk yard 31 splines which broke.

Anyone need a 31 spline Detroit Locker for a Ford 9" with 3.55 gears? $400. Low miles.