Wasatch-Cache Forest Plan


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May 18, 2001
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Ventura, CA
I received a newsletter this week from the USDA Forest Service about the pending proposed Forest Plan and Draft Environmental Impact Statement that is due to be completed and released by the end of the year. It says that they have received over 3700 comments about the draft EIS and that they were fairly well mixed. However, As I read through the newsletter, I got the distinct impression that it will have a very biased slant towards the radical environmentalists. The newsletter is basicly a summary of the public comments on ten different planning topics in the draft EIS. If anyone would like a full copy of the 8 page newsletter, email me with a request or send me a PM with your email address included.

The Wasatch-Cache Forest is in Utah but we need to show support for all public lands to be kept open for OHV access as well as other forms of recreation. It appears (from what I read) that the comment period for the draft EIS has concluded. However, a new USDA National Forest Management Act is being drafted and will be open for public comments sometime this summer. Lets all make sure our voice is heard.

<A target="_blank" HREF=http://www.fs.fed.us/wcnf>http://www.fs.fed.us/wcnf</A>