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Watch 2016 Red Bull Frozen Rush LIVE this Friday, January 8th + Action Photos

The snow gods have delivered and Red Bull Frozen Rush is moving ahead as planned. The nine drivers have arrived at Sunday River Resort and took a few rounds of practice today. Check out a few of the attached photos, and the link below to a video about the history of the event.

Link to live stream --> Watch Red Bull Frozen Rush Live Stream! - race-deZert.com

Video Link:
How Red Bull Frozen Rush Truck Race on Snow Has Evolved

Photography by Brian Nevins and Garth Milan from Red Bull Content Pool.

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Yeah, I was checking the post on the homepage from my phone and it kept saying not available. Was working fine from the computer.

Did you find a computer?
No didn't get to watch just have to catch the broadcast on tv . Do know who won though thanks to Twitter though .


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Awesome pics Killian can't wait to see it on tv . Sux I missed the webcast but oh well those pics help ease the pain lol