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Watch out for Dodge Ram Prerunner Listing


Just noticed my old truck was listed on craigslist again. I built most of this truck so I know most of the info is extremely exaggerated. I don't like people posting negative stuff on other builds, but I don't want someone getting screwed.

Here is the listing:
Dodge Ram prerunner

True Details:
16" of travel and not even close to "Mazzulla" quality.
Stock rotors, not Dana 44
Stock diff gears
Dash is made out of mild steel angle and sheet, no aluminum anywhere

Might seem petty but we need to look out for each other.



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Dude bro! It dont look that bad... but on the upside there are Hoonigan & King stickers for extra off road gnar.
I hope it comes with the skateboard or that is a deal breaker.