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Watch out for Dan Roth with Hostile Racing, he is terrible at returning calls and keeping his word. Make sure you get a deposit to at least cover your materials costs if you do any dealings with him. He brought us his Nissan Titan and wanted us to make a bumper with skid plate and mount his hood. When he came to pick it up he decided rather than paying for the bumper he would trade for some tires. Wasnt a big deal at the time thought we were getting tires out of the deal...After many phone calls that were never returned over the past 2 months we still have no tires and have only been paid for half of the bumper.


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Wow, to do this twice (logged out) Loooove the post. Love how inacurate it is as well. Yes I brought you my titan. Our deal was 750 or tires.(which you requested) first you wanted generals, then maybe Goodyear to projects then finally km2's. This was the same time durring the Lucas cup (dec. 17 weekend). The following week i showed you a template i made for the bumper (needed to be finished since over half the radiator was exposed.) no problems. COOL. You then decided that you needed money instead of tires, because you needed to pay rick. COOL. You called twice while we were on vacation to get paid. We were back the second week of january. Rick did call me from different numbers (did'nt leave one message) He then text me, I called as soon as I read the message. I gave him a check for the money you indicated that he was owed (400). COOL. I told him the balance would be paid once the bumper was finished. He indicated that he would be working on it that saturday (two and a half weeks ago) COOL.I called the following wed, through friday, no answer. called from D's phone and you answer. that is when you told me that you were going to charge me more to finish the bumper correctly. Not COOL. I gave you the chance at that time to complete the bumper and you would then be paid the balance. You declined, I then decided to terminate the deal. It was worth it to me to walk away from the 400 and not waste any more time or money with you and the deal. The good thing for me and Hostyle is that everyone that has had any dealings with Hostyle knows that we will do whatever it takes to make sure they are happy with there business dealings with us. (No matter what the cost: Both Time and Money) I stand behind my product 100%. I have only one deal that I did'nt complete for a potential client. I also terminated that deal. That deal didnt cost them a penny, nickle, dime or dollar. It did cost Hostyle over 2k walk from it. It is unfortunate that you decide not to complete the bumper the way we both know it should have been. It is going to cost me much more to have another bumper completed for the truck, but that is what I am going to have to do.


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Hostyle are you a race team or own a full shop? or a combo of both?


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First of all when you dropped the truck(the first week in december) off for me to work on the bumper you asked if I could still do the bumper for $800.00. I agreed that yes I could but that to mount the hood would be additional because that was not in the original quote. Never when you dropped off the truck did you mention anything about trading for tires. It wasnt until you picked up the bumper with no cash or check did you then say "well i thought you wanted to trade for tires". So it was either let you take the bumper and wait who knows how long to get paid or trade for tires. When you picked up the truck you were happy with it. You said it looked Bit***in, never once did you say that it wasnt finished and that you werent happy with it. I called you to ask about the tires and thats when you decided that the bumper wasnt finished that you didnt like it now. You also stated that you would be checking with some poeple at the race that weekend about tires well your definition of "that weekend" and mine are completly different because when i called you the monday after that you first didnt answer, i left you a message and when you called back you said that the race wasnt until the weekend coming up. So here it is the week of December 21 and you come by my shop with no tires but you have a template of the pieces you want made, did you leave the template no so how am i supposed to make anything for you without the pieces. I told you then that I needed to just get the money since I still didnt have any tire. We Rick and I tried calling you for the next 3 weeks which is when rick did get ahold of you and you gave him a check for $400.00. He also picked up the bumper later that week but you did not send him the templates of what you wanted so how am I supposed to make these pieces. I never said i wouldnt finish the bumper for you but I did say that I needed to be paid what is already owed to me before i will spend any more time or money on materials on it. I am not trying to get into a pissing match, we just don't want other people to get burned like we did. We have never not been paid for a job and we have never had a customer not happy with our work.


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I dont want to get into a big arguement over this deal. The lookout section is posted on here in order for people to be enlightened and make others aware of their experiences with customers and what not. My intentions were simply to put the word out on my experience with Hostyle. I did not post my dealings in order to start a war of words or discuss whos company is bigger or better. Nor did I post to compare the status of our customers or to compare our phone call log books. That can go on and on and on for entirely too long and cause so much grief people are just gonna get tired of hearing it from both parties. However, now that a whole new thread has been posted "casting stones" at our character I do feel the need to further explain my side of the story.

I dont wanna bore people to death and make a huge issue out of it so I will try to skip the small insignificant details. It could still get a little bit lengthy so if you get bored of reading or can care less I bare no grudge. After all, there are a lot of other things I'd rather be doing as well.

Originally, Dan did not come to Fab Unlimited to have a bumper built, he came to look at another customers truck. Dan liked the bumper on the truck and asked if we could build him a bumper for his Nissan Titan. Dan and I kicked around the idea of what it would cost and came to an agreement of between $750 and $800.

After a price agreement was reached Dan hung around the shop for a little while and we had a conversation about my personal truck project. During this conversation I mentioned needing a few more things to complete it and tires were an item on the list. It was at that point when Dan asked if I would be interested in trading tires for the bumper. I thought about it and decided why not, I can work it out with my business partner(Rick) and pay him for his labor.

Both parties reached an agreement and the truck was scheduled to come in the next week.

Nearly a month and a half went by before anyone had heard or seen Dan again until one day he popped back up in the shop wanting to know if we could still build him a bumper for $800. Dan also added that he wanted us to mount his hood for him. We stuck to our original deal of $800 for the bumper and said that the hood would cost a little bit extra. The truck was at the shop for 3 or 4 days.

When Dan came to pick his truck up he actually had to wait a little bit for us to finish buttoning up the small details on the bumper. Once we were done he seemed to be extremely pleased with the finished product as he took pictures of it from several angles a said it looked "b**tchin."

Before he left I made him up an invoice of $900 ($800 for the bumper and $100 to mount the hood). Dan stuck the invoice in his pocket without looking at it and told me he would see what he could do about getting me tires. I admittedly didnt argue and we parted ways.

I had patchy conversations with Dan regarding my payment(tires) for the next week or so until he came back to the shop with some patterns he made in regards to adding extra pieces to the bumper “To add that finishing touch on it” as he put it. I told him no problem bring the truck by and I would do them. He took the patterns with him when he left. After that I could not get a hold of Dan at all for over a month. I asked my partner (Rick) to try calling from his phone and he got in touch with Dan immediately. However, once Dan got a hold of Ricks phone number it was extremely hard to get a hold of him once again.

Sometime around two months after the bumper was completed we decided that Dan had plenty of time to deliver the tires and that tires were no longer acceptable payment. It was time to collect a check of the original $900.

After a few different phone numbers were used we finally got a hold of Dan and Rick arranged to meet him at his shop to collect payment. When Rick showed up Dan wasn't at the shop, his wife said he was out running errands. Rick said no problem, I'll wait here.

Once Dan showed up he gave Rick a check for $400 and told him that his wife was very angry about him spending money on the bumper in light of the fact that she was under the impression Dan was trading for tires. Regardless, Dan said he would give me the rest of the money when the bumper was complete. Dan then arranged for the bumper to be picked up a few days later, but did not send Rick with the templates for the added pieces or explain what he wanted. Rick addmittedly didnt argue with Dan about the check, but it was at this point in time we decided that we should not do anymore work on the bumper until we received the rest of the payment for the fabrication work we had already done. Dan did not like this idea and threatened to take me(Dave) to small claims court.

After some brief phone conversations both parties then agreed that $400 was good enough payment for the mounting of the hood along with the fab work done to the front of the truck in order to mount the bumper.

That brings us up to our current situation in the forums. I believe I have more than said my piece on the subject and am ready to move on to bigger and better things. I assume people like to be informed about these situations or the lookout section wouldnt be posted on race-dezert. I also assume the people taking the time to read all of this are plenty smart enough and qualified to take what they need out of it.

I too thank all of our customers and supporters and hope to see everyone at the next races.


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WOW!!... im staying out of this one!!

PLEASE do myself and everybody a favor..... PLEASE keep this to personal phone calls, the ONLY thing that can come of something like this ISN'T good.....

Jerry Zaiden

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In all fairness, did he tell you which offroad expo. Maybe he meant the next one?
no we were very clear that it was the October expo. Then it was one excuse after another. Then it was "I will bring them to the shop after the expo" then " I will mail them then I will bring them to Baja. Well long story short still don't have them been promissed over 10 times. Just shows how he runs his company. I thought he was a stand up guy. Who knows :rolleyes:
funny thing is I got a text from him today after I posted in here. He said he would call me this afternoon. Well no call. After beeing let down big time for the Baja 1000 race with product he offered to us then given tons of excuses I am over him and his company. People are only as good as their word!

Peace out!


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Dan and Hostile got me my stuff on time. Dan hand delievered it to me. It was the first time i ever got any thing on time in off road!

CTR Racing

Just wanted to say thanks to Hostile Racing—Dan stopped by CTR race shop on a Friday afternoon to get measurements for new bags for our Geiser truck, this was on a Friday afternoon and told us that he would be back Monday afternoon with the product. Product was delivered as promised! Thanks---Dan


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Watch out for Dan Roth with Hostile Racing, he is terrible at returning calls and keeping his word. Make sure you get a deposit to at least cover your materials costs if you do any dealings with him. He brought us his Nissan Titan and wanted us to make a bumper with skid plate and mount his hood. When he came to pick it up he decided rather than paying for the bumper he would trade for some tires. Wasnt a big deal at the time thought we were getting tires out of the deal...After many phone calls that were never returned over the past 2 months we still have no tires and have only been paid for half of the bumper.
i have a rule at my shop the car/truck or project doesn't leave my shop in till it is payed in full and i only take cash for finial payment! the key to making this work is dont bend this rule for anyone! if u dont do this then people take their sweet time to pay you or you have to chase money you already worked for.


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Everything we have done with Dan has been spot on and right on time. Like they say there are always two sides to every story!


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I don't know the true story of any of the prior posts.
BUT I can attest that Dan has stood by his product through thick and thin and my team and I could not happier with the results.


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It's unfortunate that this had to be posted in a public forum instead of handled in a more private matter. No need to bash someone's company just because you had a bad experience although I can understand how it happens when 2 people from 2 different extremely busy companies miss a couple connections and due dates. Either way it sounds like both businesses are reputable and did everything they could to make the situation right.

I can definitely vouch for Dan and honestly say that we've never had a product delivered late by Hostyle and he's always worked as hard as possible to make it all come together properly. Hopefully this is just a one off situation that can be handled outside of the forums so both parties are happy in the end!
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