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Watch out


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Hey - note to all the prerunners out there with spare tires in their beds. I just noticed (a day after I put a lock on my spinner) that someone tried to STEAL my spare. I got lucky though since I had literally put on a lock the day before. SO just be carful. I noticed one day that my spare wasn't centered and that it was sort of bouncing down the road, so when I stopped I checked it and it was loosened all the way to the lock.

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up.

You may beat me in the flats, but watch out in the whoops.


A couple of years ago someone stole the Tires of one of the Herbst Prerunners while parked overnight in Laughlin. The very same race some of us will attend this weekend.

A simple steel cable lock may help some of this. Or better yet all of us looking out for suspisious activities.


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Someone stole my BFG spare about a year ago. He ended up getting busted and he went to jail but I never got my spare back.


Krittro Campbell
I always carry a couple feet of 4130 so if I see this kinda crap goin down I can take care of business.


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