Water pump parts lead?


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I am asking for any one who might have any leads?

I am rebuilding a standard water pump as I wanted to powder coat it to match the rest of the engine and to prevent internal corrosion.

The only problem I had was that after I pressed the impeller off the bearing shaft, the steel insert inside the aluminum impeller cracked, but the aluminum is intact.

It's in one piece, just with a small crack in the steel insert.

Now it slides easily onto the new shaft instead of a light press fit.

I have the new bearing shaft, internal seal (those each took me a few weeks to track down from different suppliers that are not even related to the common auto parts industry) and I still have the old pulley/fan mount.

However, finding an impeller has been A serious issue.
I know that they are replaced when water pumps are re-manufactured, but where do they get them from!!!!!!

If need be, I might have to have one machined out of steel, or even cast if I could find a "back yard metal smith" that was local to me, but a ready made replacement I think would be much cheaper.

It is off of a Buick aluminum 215 V8, but that pump was used on all the Buick V6's, all the Rover V8's, as well as the "Leyland of Australia" version of the V8 so the common wear re-manufactured parts should be common.

If I could get a press and perhaps a small torch into a wrecking yard, I'd just pull a bunch of pumps looking for a decent one, then pull some off the shaft until I got a few good ones to come off intact and just acquire it that way, but they're vary difficult to pull off the shaft and I have broken a few used ones already in the attempt.

I am getting desperate about acquiring a decent one.

Any one have any leads?