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Watkins Glen


Drivers to look for:

#92 Jimmie Johnson, Herzog Motorsports (former Micky Thompson, SCORE and CORR winning driver) and #21 Robby Gordon, no introduction needed.

The Racecast is on TNT right now in case you are looking for it.


From 3rd position (?) to 21st...and then back to the top. If we would have had another 10 laps or so, one yellow and RG (#21) would have been a contender for the lead. He finished 5th with 9.861 seconds behind the winner.

Good job. Clean driving.

Jimmie Johnson(#92) had a couple of spins...hit the guard rail once and ended up finishing 21st.

Greg Biffle (#60) is such a cry baby in the post race interview. "He did not signal when entering the pit lane"