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Way to go Ricky Brabec!


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Shout out and Big respect to Ricky Brabec on a fantastic first run at the Dakar Rally! 9th overall in motorcycle, 1st American on an American Honda! Proud of you, bud!
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Way to represent the USA, congrats on a great accomplishment.

John Bitting

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Ricky Brabec 48
I’m really excited finishing my first Dakar. I want to come back and do better. I’m excited to be in the team. This is my third rally ever, so that is a huge accomplishment for me. So, finishing in the top ten in my first rally is pretty good and I’m the only rider on the team to get a top ten. So, we’ll see if we can improve and come back next year and do better. Back in June 2015 I had a broken neck and it took a good six month to heal. I was talking to a doctor, eating some special foods and trying to get as much calcium and vitamins as I needed to get back to racing. This is my second race back and the biggest race in the world and I’m happy to have accomplished the goal and get a finish and my medal.


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Four out of five of our US riders finished and they just kept moving up the leader board. Blythe and RB I am pretty sure will be back, but don't know if Alex will return. Great job Team USA!


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Outstanding Brabec, s/o as well to Rally Pan Am and our American competitors racing for Husky HT Rally Raid.
OA finishes:
Blythe- 26th
Smith- 37th
Bright- 53rd

I do not see CR Gittere in the overall standings on the Dakar app.. anyone know if he finished?

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CR Gittere DNF, a few stages from the end.

There's also American Joe Janas, navigator in big truck #553, apparently DNF.