we dont have desert...


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My name is Jez, I race as part of a Trophy Raid team called the House of Flying Spanners, we compete in the proto class of Baltic and Russian Trophy raids - although we dont have desert to play in we make the best use of what we can. Our sport is radically different to yours but we have learned that cross discpline engineering and experience can lead to some really cool results!

I came across the site whilst letching at Trophy trucks, theres a lot of tech you guys use that we would like to see if it work in our discipline

During the day Im an engineer, Im married to the most patient woman in the world (who also loves racing), we have a newborn son called Samuel :)

the 2008-9 season car was an LS1 powered spaceframe with a TKO500 trans, permenant 4wd, portal axles and cut 40's (yep - not exactly Baja spec!), we are just about to start the 2010 build and one things for sure its going to be throwing out a heap more power than the last one ;-)

if you get bored have a look at the team website at www.flyingspanners.net or theres a couple of vids that give an idea of what we get up to on youtube http://www.youtube.com/user/dollythelw#play/all/uploads-all/1/D3NzV2udAjM




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The rigs look similar to those in our King of the Hammers race but replacing desert whoops with water crossings. Appears to be a lot of fun!


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I think you'd enjoy it, the rivers add variety ;)

races can last up to a week and hit some pretty remote spots, durability is the key to survival - if your motor quits you are in deeeeeeep trouble, its nutty stuff - I'd still give my eye teeth to get a chance to race in the desert though :)