Weather problems in baja


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They are a lot a problems
in baja.
Mulege flooded
loreto now second day with out electricity
partially telephone in some areas
ciudad constitucion la toba puerto san carlos real bad.
Is going to take a lot of days weeks for the restoration an clean up
of the towns........ Im just wandering what is going to happen to the famoso
norra 1000 rally


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Destruction in baja

I just got this email from a friend in Scorpion Bay.
Sounds like the situation is pretty bad in southern Baja

From: Baja Bush Pilots []
Sent: Thursday, September 03, 2009 10:32 AM
To: Van Egmond, Josh
Subject: Baja Alert! - Hurricane Jimena
Mid-Baja has suffered major damage. We are getting “real time” reports from different sources including people on the ground in the damage areas as well as the Mexican Red Cross. It is not good. The reports that we have indicate:
Matancitas (Lopez Mateos) Almost 90% of the structures are down or severely damaged. All water, power, telephone, etc. out
Ciudad Constitucion: Most roofs are gone; sever damage to 70% of the buildings. Power, water, telephones are out
Loreto: All power / telephone are down, lines are down, trees and buildings blocking the streets, airport is closed at this time.
Mulege: All power, telephone, water, etc. is out. The water crested three feet above the bridge. Water was two feet deep in the fire station which would mean that almost of the entire town was flooded. There has been reports of loss of life.
Punta Chivato: One person indicates that the wind was over 100 mph before the indicator broke. Damage to almost everything. We should hear about the condition of the strip sometime today
Santa Rosalia: Wall of water came down the canyon and through the town, washed cars, etc. into the ocean.
The Red Cross has been in contact with us today, they are still in the process of determining their needs however, they indicate that they will need our help.
We will be putting out another alert for donations as well as where they are needed. I have taken the position that we will not be bringing things down unless there is a structured means of distributing them. With Hurricane John, I have to estimate that about half of the donations ended up with people that really did not need them.
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Visit the Baja Bush Pilots Web Site at for the full story.

We need help in Baja California Sur...Our neighbors from San junaico are hurting. I am sending this to every contact I have and have posted it on my Facebook page...Please send to every contact on your contact's also....People are in desperate need. Five dollars will help. two, if it is all you can send. I have a Pay-pal account...anyone with an e-mail address can send money...I will give reciepts for any money donated. Please send any donations to; Go to it will explain how you put money in the account.
Thank-you for your help, every penny counts... Love you all, Boozie


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Swift Motorsports and NORRA are gathering a collection of food goods, clothing etc. to take down the week of the race. If you are interested in helping out, please contact me via pm on here and i will give more info.