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Weatherman Relay with a Code Red for Mark Luhtala 288


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I received a message from Mark's sister Tiana that she asked me to relay to the off-road community:


Thank you for everything you did for mark in the course of the accident.

He passed away this evening. Trusting he is in the arms of Jesus.

We are all stunned.

Please relay this information to the appropriate people.


I am stunned as well. Vaya Con Dios Mark

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Luhtala family.

Weatherman Relay signing off with Tears, I am so sorry Holly, Tiana, Eric, and the whole Luhtala Family and race team.


Thanks for sharing Scott. Now that it's public, I'm comfortable confirming that we are working with Marks family to address some immediate needs they have as they are in San Diego and are trying to get home to be with family today.

We are so sorry for the loss the Luhtala family/friends are suffering right now.

Godspeed Mark.

Jorge Rodriguez

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Damn man...so sorry to hear that. Godspeed good sir.

Racing Ron

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On behalf of my family and our team, our condolences and prayers for the family and friends. We will honor our fallen baja brother and help the family in any way we can.


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Good thoughts to Mark's friends and family.


Not the news I was praying for… On behalf of our team we send prayers and much love to Mark's family. So sorry to hear this and GOD SPEED MARK

B. R C Arrow

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God Speed Mark, RIP. Thought and Prayers to his family. Very sad news.