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I was reading on that nobody has put up the money for the Weatherman Relay. That would be a shame if the Weatherman relay wasn't there. It is very reassuring to know that you can get intouch with him in case of an emergency! Is this true Scott? Who usually pays to have the Weatherman at the races? I hope it can all be worked out before the race.


From what I know SCORE helps foot that bill.

I've also heard that in the past Terrible Herbst has helped with the $$$ - Perhaps someone in the Ed - Tim - Troy circle can find out. :)



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Each race vehicle entered to race the Baja 1000 is required to pay SCORE a $25.00 radio fee. < per the SCORE Web site.

Pit Support (Riviera Racing)


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I think what they were referring to on ORC is that during the peninsula run, Bob likes to do his relay from an airplane. The cost for this is substantially above and beyond the normal "radio fee".



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The Weatherman started doing radio relays in the 70's. Bob Steinberger my father has provided the Weatherman Relay at every Score race for the past 20 years. He has done it so long that everyone expects him to do it. PCI absorbs some of the cost and SCORE also supports the relay financially. In the 92 and 95 point to point Baja 1000 Bob Steinbeger started using an aircraft with long time friend Jim Anders. He paid for the air support out of his own pocket. In 98 some racers and Score pitched in some money to help cover the rising costs of a presurized aircraft. At the Baja 2000 the Herbst and Score made the relay happen and my father went into his pocket for over $5000 dollars. The problem is that there are many costs you just can't plan for, Airports in Mexico close at night so they have to be paid to stay open. The later it gets the higher the landing fees get and the fuel prices go up. Jim Russel of Compcom helps to make this smooth, but you never know what will happen the next time you land. Imagine doing a Relay for the Baja 500. Get up at 4am put up your antennas and try to do Radio tests by 5:30am to the checkpoints. Now Relay all day with no sleep and sometimes no help. The leaders are finishing at dusk. The relay will still be up until every checkpoint is cleared, sometimes hours after the race ends. Now with little or no sleep you load up and haul ass to the awards to see how your son and all the competitors fared at the race. 10 years ago at least 5 to 10 people would thank the Weatherman at the awards, now sometimes no one because it is expected. Now lets go to the Baja 1000 and double the time limit and add an aircraft to the mix. I have only herd stories but can you imagine flying for over 30 hours instruments only at night over the Baja peninsula with almost total darkness down below. Only getting a break every fourth hour when you land to fuel and have to deal with airports that you have to pay more and more money every time you land. How many of you would volunteer to do this for no pay, just your love of the sport? The Weatherman is willing to go up for the Baja 1000 air support relay, but he will not pay for the aircraft out of his own pocket. The estimate for the plane, fuel and landing fees is between 15 and 20,000 for the duration of the race. Score charges a $25 dollar radio fee that everyone bitches about and this will not cover the cost either. Do the math $25 X 180 entries and that is $4500 dollars. Now SCORE needs to rent extra radios and Sat phones to man there checkpoints and safety personal. The costs of this eats up there communication fee. How many of you racers would add another $100 bucks to your entry to help pay for an air support relay? Some of you would pitch in, but without a commitment of 20,000 the plane will not fly. Everyone always tells me that they love listening to my father in the middle of the night in Baja waiting to hear if there car is still coming, and that having him up makes them feel safer. However this does not pay for an aircraft. Some have said Score should pay, but Score is in the same boat that all you racers are in. The Baja 1000 is the most awesome race in the world, but it is the most expensive also. The logistics make it tough and expensive, but that is why we love it. I know in my Trophy Truck I have revised my budget 3 times and still keep finding more hidden costs. How can you leave anything to chance for the Baja 1000? My father the Weatherman may not fly at this years Baja 1000, but I am proud of what he has done for more than 20 years. He has helped most of us multiple times over the years, helped save lives during medical emergencies, and is there until the end at every race. Sometimes in a great mood and sometimes grumpy and tired he has always been there for us tireless "THE WEATHERMAN". I love you Dad and you make me proud!

God Bless America

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You guys both rock!

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The weatherman rules, everybody know it.iPersonally havent raced Score, but ive gone to a couple and race CODE races.Being an "outsider" to Score races, i think a bigger radio fee is not an issue. The issue is Score's to doing the right thing and reinvesting in their money machine. At Code races the pro entry fee is 300 bucks, 100+ cars = about 24.000 a race plus money from the series or race sponsors, beer sponsors. How much money does Score rake in per race, cant they aford working a bit to get a sponsor for the coverage, or partial sponsor.?How much does Duralast sponsor?. If San Felipe's Chamber of Commerce can sponsor 500.00 cash price for next CODES race, cant score get 5.000 from a us chamber of commerce, tourism,companies??

Easy math: 10 entry fees out of x? racers at 1000 bucks=10.000 bucks + 10.000 sponsorship.

Even Tecate would take the deal, and maybe film the race at he same time and market it, every body will buy one. So Score needs radios and trucks, how much would you spend to have $150. 000 + total entry fees + sponsorhips. id figure the sponsorships would pay the race organziation, and entry fees are cheese, at least 50% profit.

I agree SCORE is the premier off road racing organization, so why no TV, little bit of magazines, no Interviews, Talk shows, specials. Havent known one guy that ask to take off road racing off or change the channel when its on. Big marketing issues, and i'm just somebody looking at Score races from the inside out. Hell, Code has been on in Arizona TV and i think Scores hasnt.Something stinks, is it me ??...

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Scott.....PCI and The WEATHER MAN are one of the Corner Stones of this sport. Without you...this sport would step back many steps. Thank you for all of your Help and Support.


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Thank you for the information on your Dad and what he goes through to help out us racers during the races. THANK YOU BOB! It would be nice if SCORE would help find a sponsor for the Weatherman so he can be up there for us racers and chasers. Hopefully the $$ can be found to put up the airplane. If I was racing I wouldn't mind an extra $100 to know the weatherman was up there. I won't be racing this one but will be down there chasing for a 1600 car if I can get the time off from work. Good luck Scott, and you should be proud, your Dad does and awesome job!!


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Scott I will contribute $1000. Who's next.

Alan Pflueger

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TSCO Motorsports is in also; same deal as Alan. Bob is not only an invaluable source of information for
the race teams, he is also the backbone of the Saftey Team for the Mexico races. Without him and his
crew, we will be lacking the necessary communications for incident response. Think about it people,
then open up your checkbooks. Cheap insurance.

Dick, Gary, & Mark Weyhrich


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Hey, since you guys are throwing money out, I'd be more than willing to collect it for Bob. I might use a little bit to get my 4 seater in a little better condition but I'm sure Bob won't mind....right Bob? What do you think Scott, do you think your Dad would mind? :)

Racers Only


You guys are just as awesome as the Weatherman for your contributions. Scott, I hope you guys get enough dough to make it happen!



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I would like to thank everyone who has offered to help, I have had a few people call and ask where to send the money. Tom Sobray has offered his Paypal account and I think it would be ok to send the checks to "THE WEATHERMAN" 8628 Miraleste Shores Drive Parker, AZ 85344. I will have my Father open a new nonprofit account for his relay effort. If we do not make our goal you will get your money back, but with the emails I have got and the generosity of you racers. I think the Weatherman will fly. Again this money is for the costs of the aircraft and landing fees for the Baja 1000 and does not go to PCI or my race effort. However any of you in a giving mood I am looking for sponsors for my Trophy Truck #7. Thank you all, my Father has not found out about this yet and I'm sure he will be surprised.

God Bless America

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I'm in. I'll send what I can. Before I really knew him personally, I was impressed how whenever someone called in a panic, or was lost, or in search of a part, Bob figured out how to get the job done. At two in the morning, freezing my ass off at a roadcrossing in the middle of Hell, dodging Mexican truckers on speed, it was nice to be able to hear a familiar voice. This race is a part of history, and years from now when I've lost my hair, my hearing and my mind, I'll still be able to say I was part of it.


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I am really impressed at the effort here. The Weatherman has the thankless job of helping the poor souls who need a voice of reason in the middle of the night out in the middle of the dark.Scott, your Dad does a tremendous job for all the racers. We even get a scolding every now and than......I can say that I have thanked him at every opportunity over the years and has helped us out a few times. I think I can say on behalf of Vtr Racing, Mancha Racing and Indio Dune Buggy that we all appreciate his work and THANKS.........Sure would be a shame to lose such a valuable resource.
Marc Choquette
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