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WEC 2015


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It was a flawless drive for the # 19 Porsche, They had no problems throughout the entire race and a 1 minute stop & go penalty was the only thing preventing the #18 from gaining the win. Hopefully Nissan and Toyota get their act together and come back strong next year, Nissan's top car finished 150+ laps down, they have long way to go. I love the innovation of Nissan and the WEC in general and I'd love to see another manufacturer like Jaguar get back into LMP-1. I hope this series continues to grow in popularity, I've all but given up on F-1.

The only scary incidents were the two re-fueling fires involving 2 Ferrari GTE teams, hopefully all the crew members are okay.

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Me and a buddy made the long trek to leMans, and it was absolutely an epic experience. I have some photos and videos i need to transfer to the computer, will post them later. Managed to stay awake for 19 hours of the race watching from various part of the course, mostly from the Michelin hospitality building. Still feel terrible for the two Aston Martin cars which crashed out while leading so close to the finish line.
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