Welcome the new guy!!


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Hey all! New guy trying to get into your wonderful sport.
Haven't jumped into the desert racing scene completely yet. Just getting started actually. I picked up an '89 Chevy from a friend who was trying to clean up his yard. It's going to be my first desert type build. Plans are for an equal length I-beam style front, leaf rear, and a lot of fiberglass, with quite a few sticks of tubing thrown in there as well. I come from a drag racing family and have built a few 4x4 Chevys and Jeeps. The fabrication end is nothing new, the desert racing and high speed offroad is. Being from southern Oregon, there VERY few long travel anything around. People around here are way too into going slow :(

I found this website looking for design ideas and suspension theories. I want this truck to be safe when it's complete. I'm hoping if this attempt at building a prerunner type truck is successful, I would like to build something more competition worthy. This first truck will be just for fun though.

During the day I browse the internet looking at trucks and other things I can't afford. I also occassionally sell a Caterpillar part or two when the need arises. Though with this economy, and being in a logging/construction dependant area, the parts sales is not going so good...

Thank you everyone who posts and offers newbs like me help!!