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welcome to everyone

randy s

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really looking forward to hearing from everyone from all over the world..all input is appreciated and best of luck to all your favorite teams..this time of year we're like one big happy family..in a couple of weeks some will be happier than others...let's all hope for a safe race and have some fun..happy new year to all.

blue dog

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Can't wait. Pulling for my guy De Villiers, keeping my eye on Laila Sainz on her KTM ride, hopeful for the new Husqvarna factory team, you have to watch the impressive big blue team Of Kamaz trucks. Nasser will not fail to entertain, will be interesting to watch Creed in his first go. Looking forward to Klause and team and there daily reports. Let's get this on. Let's hope for everyone to come home safe from the epic journey and let's see if we can get a American on the podium.
Cheers gentleman 2016 is upon us.


Bait Fish

Hayward Racing

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Looking forward to this year's competition and talking it up with peeps from all over.


Baja Bobsled Team
I always enjoying RDC Dakar site during the rally. Good people with interesting and varied insights.


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Lets get this Rally started. My favorite time of the year.

Hope everyone had a safe new years and no one got put in the pokey last night.